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[Condor-users] Dynamic memory checking on ClassAd

Hello Condor-users,


I have a question about using dynamic memory checking on ClassAd.


I use following Requirements.

Requirements      = Memory >= 650


But this cause problem, if the target machine has about 100 MB of memory due to zombie processes. The schedd process will start new jobs on the target machine and jobs will be killed. Very soon, the whole job list gets exhausted due to just one problematic machine in the cluster.

I know that zombie processes must be removed soon, but I want to make Condor act smartly on this unfortunate event and save the job list to itself. So my question is this.


*** I want to prevent schedd from starting new jobs when the current available virtual space is smaller than the given threshold value. ***


So what I want is something like this.

Requirements = Memory >= 650 && Dynamic_Available_Memory_Size >= 200


I tried Image_Size attribute setting to 200000 KB according to this manual section.


But, somehow, the job was submitted to the machine which had less than 200MB virtual memory space and eventually this job was killed due to memory shortage. I changed Image_Size to about 700MB, but still schedd assigned jobs to the problematic machine.


Can you help me on this issue?




- Byong-Wu