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Re: [Condor-users] [condor-users]

On 10/28/2009 08:10 AM, Muhammad Usama wrote:

I have installed red hat linux 9. Which version of condor will be run on
it? Is it possible
to install condor version 7.2.4 that is for Red hat linux 5 or I have to
install it on Red hat 5.


Red Hat Linux 9 is quite an old version (it came out over 6.5 years ago). The binaries available from the UW Condor page will not work with Red Hat Linux 9.

While you might be able to compile Condor from source on RHL9, you'd really be better served by upgrading to a recent release of Fedora, which is a community-driven Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat. Consider upgrading to Fedora 10 or 11. Doing so will gain you a more stable and functional environment and will also ensure that you are running Condor on a platform on which it is regularly tested by its developers.

Even better, the Fedora project has packaged Condor for some time. These packages are tested, actively maintained, and quite easy to install. You can simply type "sudo yum install condor" to install Condor on a contemporary Fedora machine.


William C. Benton <willb@xxxxxxxxxx>
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat MRG