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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.2.3 unable to execute a Linux shell script from Windows

as a dirty hack what happens if you change the script file to have the name test.bat?

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Subject: [Condor-users] Condor 7.2.3 unable to execute a Linux shell script from Windows

We recently upgraded to 7.2.3 from the 6.8.x series and something that  
used to work has stopped working...
We are submitting simple shell scripts from Windows workstations to  
execute on Linux.

For example, a simple Test.sub file might be

universe     = vanilla
Executable   = Test.sh
log          = Test.log
output       = Test.out
error        = Test.err

Test.sh is ( yes, it is in UNIX LF format)

echo This is Test.sh

If I condor_submit this from Windows I get...

10/28 18:49:57 Submitting machine is "CARDIFF.mydomain.com"
10/28 18:49:57 setting the orig job name in starter
10/28 18:49:57 setting the orig job iwd in starter
10/28 18:49:57 File transfer completed successfully.
10/28 18:49:58 warning: unable to chmod condor_exec.exe to ensure  
execute bit is set: Operation not permitted
10/28 18:49:58 Job 667.0 set to execute immediately
10/28 18:49:58 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 667.0
10/28 18:49:58 IWD: /opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/execute/dir_6701
10/28 18:49:58 Output file: /opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/execute/ 
10/28 18:49:58 Error file: /opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/execute/ 
10/28 18:49:58 About to exec /opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/execute/ 
10/28 18:49:58 Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable "/ 
opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/execute/dir_6701/condor_exec.exe": errno  
= 13 (Permission denied)
10/28 18:49:58 ERROR "Create_Process(/opt/condor-7.2.3/local.perth/ 
execute/dir_6701/condor_exec.exe,, ...) failed" at line 508 in file  

If I submit from the Linux machine I get....
10/28 18:55:51 Submitting machine is "perth.mydomain.com"
10/28 18:55:51 setting the orig job name in starter
10/28 18:55:51 setting the orig job iwd in starter
10/28 18:55:51 Job 10.0 set to execute immediately
10/28 18:55:51 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 10.0
10/28 18:55:51 IWD: /home/andrewc/Temp
10/28 18:55:51 Output file: /home/andrewc/Temp/Test.out
10/28 18:55:51 Error file: /home/andrewc/Temp/Test.err
10/28 18:55:51 About to exec /home/andrewc/Temp/Test.sh
10/28 18:55:52 Create_Process succeeded, pid=6714

Completely baffled.....


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