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Re: [Condor-users] Condor $(OpSys) and $(Arch) parameter

Hi Zach,

I have made a test making the following change in one of my condor_config.local files:

ArchGeneric  = INTEL
OpSysGeneric = WINNT
ArchGeneric1  = "INTEL"
OpSysGeneric1 = "WINNT"
STARTD_ATTRS = ArchGeneric1, OpSysGeneric1, $(STARTD_ATTRS)

        $(LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE), \

And changed my Requirements command to:

Requirements = ArchGeneric1 == "INTEL" && OpSysGeneric1 == "WINNT"

And the job has run.

See that I am using $(OpSysGeneric) to specify the name of the file and "WINNT" is not allowed.
Any suggestion to conciliate both usages,  WINNT and "WINNT", into only one parameter, OpSysGeneric? The same for INTEL and "INTEL" with parameter ArchGeneric.


Zachary Miller <zmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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30/10/2009 16:30

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Re: [Condor-users] Condor $(OpSys) and $(Arch) parameter

> ArchGeneric: INTEL
>   Defined in '\\SMBSJK05\grid_env\CONDOR\1-start\
> condor_config.master.PC284419', line 15.

you probably need quotes, like this:
 ArchGeneric = "INTEL"


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