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Re: [Condor-users] condor web service timeout

Jason Reilly wrote:
> Matthew Farrellee wrote:
>> Jason Reilly wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is there a way to change/configure connection timeout on the server side
>>> for web service calls?
>>> I can't seem to find anything pertaining to this in the manual.
>>> Thanks,
>>> jdr
>> Have a look at src/condor_daemon_core.V6/soap_core.cpp. The timeouts
>> are not configurable, and set to 20 seconds for sending and receiving
>> data.
> Doesn't that seem small?  I can understand that a typical use case would
> be to submit a job and monitor that job over web services using the
> clusterId and jobId, but looking up jobs from a queue that has 10's of
> thousands of jobs would timeout.  Any reason why this shouldn't be
> parameterized?

You should look into extending your client's timeout. The server isn't going to time itself out.

t   client   server
0   send
1            receive
...          process
n            send
n+1 receive

Alternatively, your client might be slow in receiving the response.