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[Condor-users] configure_gip

A few thoughts/questions regarding configure_gip

1. on
There is a link to configure_gip which is a dead link

2. in configure_gip there are some lines which seem to remove an
Initial "us" from some of the lines:
   #($user_tmp, $user_vo,)= $user_vo =~ /(us)?(\w)/;
   ($user_tmp, $user_vo,)= $user_vo =~ /^(us)?(.*)/;
   $user_vo_map{$user_nm} = $user_vo;

Is this for USA prefixes in OSG that need to remove a "us" prefix?
This doesn't work so well in UK if we have "users.ngs" or similar.
Maybe it could be an option


PS I see Greg Thain is coming to Cardiff next week, I should be there
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