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[Condor-users] ERROR "unable to spawn the ProcD"

Hey there,

I'm trying to set condor 7.0.5 up remotely at a remote studio.  I've
almost got it working.  Unfortunately, when I submit a job, the
machine that it's scheduled to fails.

Here's the relevant bit of the start log on that machine:

9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Total execute space: 23843728
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Remote job ID is 8.0
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Remote global job ID is
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: JobLeaseDuration defined in job ClassAd: 1200
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Resetting ClaimLease timer (17) with new duration
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: About to Create_Process "condor_starter -f -a
slot1 apshadesk431.aaa.ad.ea.com"
9/12 01:13:06 GetBinaryType() returned 0
9/12 01:13:06 return value from my_system for softkill: 2
9/12 01:13:06 start_procd: error received from procd: error:
getProcInfo failed on own PID
9/12 01:13:06 ERROR "unable to spawn the ProcD" at line 110 in file
9/12 01:13:06 CronMgr: 0 jobs alive
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Canceled ClaimLease timer (17)
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Changing state and activity: Claimed/Idle ->
9/12 01:13:06 Entered vacate_client <>
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: State change: No preempting claim, returning to owner
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Changing state and activity: Preempting/Killing
-> Owner/Idle
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: State change: IS_OWNER is false
9/12 01:13:06 slot1: Changing state: Owner -> Unclaimed
9/12 01:13:06 startd exiting because of fatal exception.

So, when I do some googling, I find this link:

Hopeful, I went in to the registry, unfortunatly there are no "Disable
Performance Counter" name value pairs anywhere in the entire registry.

Is there any other cause for this kind of problem?  The executable in
the submission is just a simple batch file.  There doesn't seem to be
any permission problem.  I'm really stymied.  Any insight from the
experts would be helpful.