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[Condor-users] about condor_store_cred add

   I am using condor 7.2.4, last Friday I changed the password, and then today I found there is an authentication problem, I can neither submit jobs nor run any jobs in the executor...After I checked the manual and online, then I updated my password with condor_store_cred add, I think now system partly works, but I got a little confused about the authentication method, can anyone help me to answer following few quesions? Thank you very much!       (1) I saw from the dos command reference, I need to use condor_store_cred add to update my password, but in the manual I should use the condor_store_cred -c add, so what is the difference?
(2) Should I only add credentials to submitter or both the submitter and executer?
(3) Actually, I have 2 submitter, and 2 executor machines in condor system, but I only have access to 1 submitter and 1 executor(I install the condor software with my user account),so when I changed my password, shall I update it in both the submitter and executor? But howabout the other 2 machines, according to what I found, there seems some credential problem with another 2 PCs since I change my password(There should not be any problem with another 2 PCs,because I did not change them and have no access to config them)

Best Regards!