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[Condor-users] job comletes without running

Hello all,
currently I am running into the problem, that some jobs get the complete status without having processed.
Our jobs check for valid licenses and if currently no license is available they switch back into idle status (using on_exit_remove define in condor submit file). In our case we have 4 licenses and 8 jobs registered. The first 4 jobs are running (estimated runtime 30 hours). The other jobs are started, but are set back to idle due to the return value (missing license) which turns the on_exit_remove define to false. This seems all okay and works as desinged. But after some time they suddenly switch to complete status whithout processing anything. It seems, that it has to do something with the long runtime of the jobs, since jobs with a runtime from e.g. 15 min. work fine and are started the first jobs have finished and licenses are again available. 
Are their some (time) limits (which can be e.g set in the condor config file), how long jobs are held in idle or max. number of restarts?
Thanks for you help!