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Re: [Condor-users] controlling memory intensive jobs

thankyou for sharing your experience.

For us, it would be hard for the students to keep track of what type
of job they need to submit. Therefore, we just have 2 buckets:
"normal" and "memory".

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:37 AM, Ian Chesal <ICHESAL@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We have 10 servers which have 64GB of memory with 16 cores. We don't
>> want to have people to run all of their memory intensive jobs at once
>> since it would crash the box. What do condor admins typically do to
>> control this? so only 10 jobs runs on 10 different servers?
> I make all my users tell me up front how much memory their job needs to
> run. It's a rough guess, but enough to make sure Condor doesn't schedule
> too many memory intensive jobs on my machines. In the back end I bin the
> memory request so jobs are in one of 5 memory size estimate buckets.
> This makes them easier to deal with when planning machine setups. I
> don't allocate my machine resources evenly across slots. I unbalance
> them unpurpose to service the 5 bins of memory requirements accordingly.
> It can be less efficient if all the jobs in your queue are in the
> largest memory bin -- you end up with slots that are allocated with too
> little memory to run these going unused. But it's better than having
> jobs fail. And it'll hold until dynamic machine partitioning is
> mainstream in Condor.
> - Ian
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