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Re: [Condor-users] condor on VM not running?

Sorted now - I had a big cup of coffee and it came to me!!

I’d forgotten to update /etc/hosts on the master after I added the clones.




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I’ve setup a small virtual network in VMware for testing and have run into a problem that’s taking too long to solve.

I have a “master” VM (running Redhat 9.0) that is the manager and submit node, and 5 other VMs (running CentOS 4.7) that are execute nodes - the strange choices of OS are to match what we run in production.

To simplify setup, I initially created a single “execute” VM, setup accounts, installed and configured Condor (condor-7.2.4-linux-x86-rhel3-dynamic-1.i386.rpm)

I then cloned it five times and tweaked the network settings (IP, MAC, and hostname) and condor config so they’re all copies and should all be ready to run.

For some reason, only the original execute node is showing up when I run condor_status from the master.

When I run condor_status from the good execute node, I get back the normal status report but when I run condor_status from a dud VM, I just get a blank line.

As far as I can see, the processes are all running on the other execute nodes and I can’t see anything obvious in the logs.

Is there something I’ve overlooked?

Any ideas what to try next?




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