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Re: [Condor-users] getting an email when a job goes on hold?

Daniel Pittman wrote:

One of my users, today, asked if it was possible to get an email when a job is
placed on hold due to a failure of some sort?  They are using the job options
to cause it to remain in the queue at that point.

As far as I can see this isn't presently supported; is that correct?


The good news:
I believe you will get email if you put in your submit description file
  notification = always
  notify_user = email_address@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The bad news:
With notification=always, however, you'll also get email lots of other times (when job run, completes, etc). It'd be nice if you got email when/if the job is placed on hold if
  notification = error
but I am not sure that will always happen because I think Condor's interpretation of what is an "error" right now is very strict (aka just if the job dies abnormally w/ a signal and/or a handful of unrecoverable errors attempting to launch the job like bad permissions).

What do others think? Should we make a change so that the user always gets email if the job goes in hold when notification=error?


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