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Re: [Condor-users] condor history

Thank you.

I know I should not worry, but I am going to present this to managers soon and I want it to look all clean and tidy :) 

I am really liking this CONDOR, so easy to get the basic set up up and running, (I say that now after a few weeks of playing around), I am still testing it with some test scripts but hopefully soon can get a few of the modlers together and run some of there models with it. 

I want to see how many clients it takes to thrash the £10K server they have purchased, (they want to purchase another one as well) many of there models, are just perfect for the condor distributed computer setup.. 

Once again thank you for all the help, very kind of you.


From: ian.chesal@xxxxxxxxx
To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 18:26:18 -0400
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Subject: Re: [Condor-users] condor history

Yes. Stop the schedd daemon and wipe the spool directory and everything should reset. Although really: I wouldn't worry about cluster IDs. They grow. That's what they're supossed to do.

- Ian

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On 2010-04-17, at 5:58 PM, Dave STREET <davey_street@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

wow that's called quick :) 


It still seems to use the next number in sequence for the cluster it send the job to.. is there any way to reset this to 0 to??

Thank you


Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 17:25:22 -0400
From: ian.chesal@xxxxxxxxx
To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Condor-users] condor history

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 5:16 PM, Dave STREET <davey_street@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all I am sure this is a very simple thing to do, but how can I clear all the condor history. 

I have been testing condor for a while now and have a history full or errors, test jobs and rubbish, is there a simple command to clear it.

You need to delete the history files. They're in $(SPOOL) and start with 'history'. For example, on one of my schedulers:

> ls --format=single-column /build/condor/spool/history*

I'd delete those to clear history. Best to stop the scheduler before doing that.

- Ian

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