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Re: [Condor-users] Common Condor's commands


Add condor_compile and condor_rm to your list, and you have everything you need to get started. I also have a one page intro to using Condor for our site that you might look at. It is nothing fancy, but it covers the very basic information.


- dave

Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández wrote:
Hi, I'm new to condor and I need to build a list of the most used Condor's commands for a research project. I actually have this for sure:

I'm reading the manual, but there's a lot of commands and I'm unsure about the use of most of them. Can you help me with the commands you think are needed for a Condor's newcommer? I only need the command, for the description and other information I'll check the manual of the command.

Thank you.

Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández
Est. Ingeniería de Sistemas
Universidad de Valle


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