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[Condor-users] disabling file transfer in vanilla universe

I've been working on a demonstration of using a 3-node DAG to explicitly:
1. gridftp data to a particular host
2. execute a job on that data
3. gridftp the derived data back

It just so happens that I set it up so the executable in step (2) above uses stdin and stdout to read and write the files. Given that I'm taking care of the file transfers using gridftp explicitly, I would like to disable the default condor file transfer.

Here's my problem: I'm using vanilla universe, and setting should_transfer_files=no and submitting the job to run on a machine with a different file system. The job won't get run since my.filesystemdomain != target.filesystemdomain, which appears to be a default requirements test.

So is it true that it is not possible to run a vanilla universe job with should_transfer_files=no when the FILESYSTEM_DOMAINs are not the same?

Is there some workaround, or am I simply approaching this problem incorrectly?