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Re: [Condor-users] condor_rm on lots of jobs

>> FWIW, the jobs are generally managed through DAGMan, and have POST
>> scripts associated with them.  I would have thought that a queued job
>> that gets "rm'ed" isn't going to go through the POST script, but I could
>> be wrong.
> This is a case where you *don't* want to manually remove the node
> jobs.  If you remove the node jobs, and DAGMan starts noticing those
> events before it gets removed itself, it *will* run POST scripts for
> the removed jobs, which might be part of your load problem.

We just removed the DAGMan job, but we still got a load of 15000 (yes, 3
zeros).  We're running 7.4.

> As I said before, if you just condor_rm DAGMan itself, no POST scripts
> should get run.

OK, I don't know if POST scripts ran, but from this description, I guess