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Re: [Condor-users] regrouping efforts

Have you looked at the master-worker framework?



On 2010-08-16, at 6:09 PM, andrew.downs@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Thanks for the replies I've gotten so far.   It seems that in my case, the only tasks that could really be split up at BSP 
> (which takes almost no time, even on my insanely complex designs, it's just not a resource intensive process)
> Vis,  and Light
> My main interest is...if there a way to cluster computers so that I could run an executable on the master node, 
> and it'd offload the stress onto slave nodes, that's what I'm looking for.  
> Just some program that has client/server parts and would spread the work across a few machines.
> Does that exist?  If it doesn't, I'm thinking it would be more cost effective to just try to 
> port the compiler (which is open source) to CUDA and stuff a computer full of gpus, as this is the kind of math that gpus are perfect for anyway.
> Thanks again.
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