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[Condor-users] myproxy credential refresh support in vanilla universe?

I current have a job that runs in a vanilla universe, with the x509userproxy job classad attribute set to my proxy. This seems to be working fine; the job gets submitted, and condor sets the x509userproxysubject job classad attribute accordingly.

I then tried specifying some myproxy classad attributes to renew this proxy automatically as needed. For example:

   Universe   = vanilla
   x509userproxy = /tmp/x509up_u20200
   MyProxyHost     = myproxyserver.myserver.ca:7512
   MyProxyServerDN = /C=CA/O=Grid/CN=host/myproxyserver.myserver.ca
   MyProxyPassword = ********
   MyProxyCredentialName = renewable_andre

I then created a small lived proxy of 15 minutes, and submitted a job that should last a minimum of 20 minutes. I then monitored my proxy certificate and it was not renewed. I checked the condor logs to see if there was an error communicating with the myproxy server and I couldn't find anything.

So my question is: Has anyone got myproxy credential renewal to work with a vanilla job? Or is this feature only available in a grid universe?


Andre Charbonneau
Research Computing Support, IMSB
National Research Council Canada
100 Sussex Drive, Rm 2025
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1A 0R6
613 993-3129