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Re: [Condor-users] credd issues about a heterogenous system: windows and linux

Jenva wrote:
> Hi, all
> My central manager is windows host, and working nodes is linux box. I 
> make configuration followed by the manual (6.2.3 and 6.2.4), but failed in

So your central manager is a windows host, and your worker (execute)
nodes are linux...  where are users submitting jobs from? Windows or

My guess is you likely do not need to bother with setting up the credd
service at all.  The credd is used to run jobs on Windows clients as the
submitting user, but it sounds like your jobs will be running on Linux.
 If you start the condor_master on the Linux execute machines as root,
then they could impersonate other Linux accounts w/o requiring a
password and thus the condor_credd is not required (unlike Windows
execute nodes, where even as Windows service running as LocalSystem or
Administrator cannot start a process as another user without that users
password, thus setup of the condor_credd is required)


p.s. Condor ver 6.2.x is from 2001, nine years ago... I think you really
want to consider running a more recent version - many folks on the email
list will have no recollection of details regarding v6.2.4..