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Re: [Condor-users] Can't find address for startd


What might be the cause to see following error msg in StartLog


Can't find address for startd “VMP_HOST_MACHINE”

Can't find host(“VMP_HOST_MACHINE”) Startd daemon




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Subject: [Condor-users] Can't find address for startd



I am running Condor both on Host (Windows) and Guest (Linux) OS. And configured with VMP_VM_LIST, VMP_HOST_MACHINE and other HOST_ parameter (in Guest) so that jobs can start, suspend, resume etc … on Linux based on the activity of Windows Host.


Both condor are running behind Firewall and the Firewall rules are added to allow both machines to communicate with each other in the Port range (9600 – 9620 using HIGHPORT & LOWPORT)


Looks like Guest OS condor couldn’t contact startd daemon running on Host machine seems and hence it has “Owner” as status all the time. So jobs couldn’t run on Guest condor at all.


I am seeing the following in StartLog (Guest)


Can't find address for startd host.machine.edu

Can't find host(host.machine.edu) Startd daemon


Could you please let me know what might the problem.