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[Condor-users] Help with server upgrade

Hi Condor users,


One of the core tasks of my new job at Garrad Hassan is managing the Condor pool. It was set up recently by my predecessor and handed down to me in a fully functioning manner. My role involves maintaining it only. Since the guy I have replaced has now left the company, I am the only one with any real knowledge of how it works. I am happy with the basics of managing the flock, but I have hit a problem I have never seen before and don’t know how to deal it. I imagine it is a very simple issue but since I don’t know the “under the bonnet” workings of condor, I am unsure of what to do.


The network server that the master computer is installed on was recently upgraded and all data has been migrated onto a new server with a different DFS address. This change initially had no impact on the Condor pool but it came to my attention that once a computer that was part of the pool was rebooted, it left the flock and did not join again. It is still running the main daemons and the daemons still have firewall access. I imagine it cannot join the flock because it is perhaps looking for a config file in the wrong location.


So my question is, at what stage in the condor installation is the server address dictated and how would I go about changing it?


As you have probably gathered by now, I have very limited knowledge of Condor and computing in general! I apologize in advance if anything I have said is confusing to the experienced user and if I have missed out any vital information you may require for diagnosing the issue. Getting the computers back in the pool is a major priority for my company because a lot of the work within my department relies on the outputs of the Condor machines. As such, I would be hugely grateful for any helps or hints you may be able to provide me with.


Many thanks,


Sunny Shah
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