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[Condor-users] Accessing dependent files without sharing

Hi  Everyone

when I'm running the interdependent files(one file calling other file) on condor,I'm supposed to share(requires Administrative access,) the calling file to everyone on the machine where i'm running the jobs, and it is happens that the submitted file generates output which is placed in a text file and if I  re-submit the job to the condor i'm getting a error that "cannot Access file : permission denied" for the output file, so i had to change the output file name every time I re-submit the jobs to the condor.

My Submit file looks like this
universe = vanilla
Executable = C:\Progra~2\R\R-2.10.1\bin\Rscript.exe
arguments =  One.R
getenv = true
#requirements = ARCH == "INTEL" && OPSYS == "WINNT60" 
input = One.R

should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = Two.R
transfer_executable = false

Output = test_r_out.out
Log = test_r_log.log
error = test_r.error


One.R calls Two.R

My problem is everyone who runs their jobs on this machine should be able to directly access the dependent files without the option of manual sharing and changing the output filenames.and my other problem is I'm running three jobs on windows Remote Desktop out of the 3 only 2 jobs are running, everything is fine  and for the third job is not running because it  can no longer get a visible desktop 

Can anyone help me with this.