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Re: [Condor-users] SLOT<N>_EXECUTE, does it get created by condor_init?

Is it possible to combine more than one slot in the same partition,
i.e. can I do SLOT1_EXECUTE through SLOT10_EXECUTE
in /local/stage1 and SLOT11_EXECUTE through SLOT20_EXECUTE in /local/stage2

Eventually I am going to make 20 separate partitions, actually
file systems inside of files on a bigger partition but right now
I am just trying to split things between two disks and
the SLOT<N>_EXECUTE seems like the way to do it.
(It is a feature that I myself requested about 3 years ago
and am finally now getting to use it.)

Steve Timm

On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Dan Bradley wrote:


Good question. No, condor_init does not create SLOT<N>_EXECUTE directories. I will update the documentation to reflect this. (By the way, condor_init is just a shell script.)

The question is, _should_ condor_init create these subdirectories? We invariably use this feature to map slots to different partitions. If by some mistake those partitions don't exist, we don't really want directories to be silently created in their place.

What do you think?


On 12/2/10 3:42 PM, Steven Timm wrote:

Does anyone have experience with using the SLOT<N>_EXECUTE
macro? If the directory SLOT1_EXECUTE
doesn't exist, will it be created and given the right permissions at condor_init time, similar to the way the EXECUTE directory is?

Steve Timm

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