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Re: [Condor-users] condor_rm cannot remove very large number of jobs?

There have long been issues with huge numbers of jobs exiting at
once in condor.  they keep on improving performance but
I don't think they are are up to 20K yet.
Look at the various timeouts including the tool timeouts--I think
if you lengthen a timeout you can probably get a condor_rm of
20K jobs to finish.  IF that doesn't work then up the debug level
in the schedd log and that will tell the story.


On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Rob wrote:


I encountered this when 'stress-testing' my condor pool.

Occassionally I submit 20.000 jobs as a single cluster to the queue, which is
However, removing jobs with condor_rm does not work when there are so many jobs
in the queue to be removed.

For example:
$ condor_q | grep " 350." | wc -l

$ condor_rm 350
Couldn't find/remove all jobs in cluster 350.

$ condor_rm -all
Could not remove all jobs.

I then use a script:

while [ $counter -lt 20000 ]
 condor_rm 350.${counter} >> /dev/null 2>&1
 counter=$(( $counter + 1))

which removes the jobs one-by-one and this works.
(though this script takes a long time!)

What is the problem when removing all jobs at once with condor_rm ?

When the number of jobs to be removed is less (say about 4000), then condor_rm
can remove all at once!

I am using condor 7.4.2 on Fedora Linux.


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