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[Condor-users] Startd injecting environment variables for starting jobs?


in the still ongoing effort in getting GPGPUs into Condor (once I have it I'll 
post some description for discussion), I now face the problem, that I would 
like to let the job know which interface id it is allowed to use (among 
others). I've used START_ATTR to be able to select certain card types vis 
requirements in the submit file, however, I have failed so far to see any way 
to let the job know some more information, e.g. all I want to inject is 
something like


to indicate that this job may (only) use this GPU device...

Please note, I'm not talking about getenv and environment = in the submit 
file, but something I can add to the startd/execute node's configuration.

I've tried "STARTD_JOB_EXPRS", but somehow fail to understand how a job can 
access the variables given there.

Anyone with a pointer?