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[Condor-users] New Condor binaries / Important security update

hi everyone,

i made this release announcement on December 21st, 2009, but at the time i sent
it only condor-world and forgot condor-users.  i am resending it to both lists
now to make sure it gets noticed.




The Condor Team has released new versions of both Condor 7.4.1 and 7.2.5.
These releases fix a security vulnerability present in all versions of Condor,
as well as other bug fixes in their respective stable series.  Full details of
the vulnerability will be published on Feb 1st, 2010.  Please read the Release
Notes for more information.

Downloads Page:

Vulnerability Report:

Version History for 7.4.1:

Version History for 7.2.5:

Thank you for your interest in Condor!

- The Condor Team