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Re: [Condor-users] Multiple submit hosts

Mag Gam wrote:
I currently have 1 submit host which has the central manager, schedd,
collector, and negotiator.

I would like to have another submit host which I can view the queue
(condor_q), and the status of all boxes (condor_status). If the first
server is down, I would still like to monitor the queue with this
server. I don't really care about scheduling and submitting more jobs.
 Any idea how to do this?

I have been looking thru this:
but it seems like a bit overkill.

You can do condor_status from anywhere, so the only issue is viewing the queue on machine X when machine X is dead.

The schedd High Availability mechanism you reference above would certainly work.

Considering all you want to do is view the queue on machine X when machine X is dead, another idea would be to install Quill -
The idea here is you'd run PostgreSQL (open source database) on a different machine, and configure your schedd on machine X to "echo" all queue information into the database. condor_q can then query either the schedd or the database. If you already have a reliable shared file system available, however, simply following the High Availability section above to have schedd failover may be less hassle than setting up PostgreSQL.

Another primitive but simple idea: a script or batch file to periodically save the output of condor_q to a file on a shared file system or a web page. You could submit this script as a local universe job to your schedd. :)