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[Condor-users] Console activity not monitored in Windows 7?


Ive been running a Condor pool consisting of Windows XP machines for quite some time. I've never experienced any problems with the working of the standard rules for job starting/stopping. By standard rules I mean a job can start when the console has been inactive for at least 15 minutes, and the processor load is low. Running jobs are suspended when console activity is detected.

I recently added Core i7 machines to the pool running Windows 7 Professional Edition (64-bit OS). I installed Condor 7.4.1 with my usual job start/stop rules. When the processors are idle, I noticed the machines entering the 'Unclaimed' state after 15 minutes or so - as expected. The machines also start to execute jobs correctly. However, when I move the mouse or type the keyboard, the machines would remain in the 'Unclaimed' state - never going back to the 'Owner' state. Running jobs are also not suspended.

Polling one of the Windows 7 machine classAds, I noticed the KeyboardIdle variable does not reset to zero when there is keyboard/mouse activity.

Has anyone else noticed this before? Could it be that Condor cannot access the relevant console information due to additional security in Windows 7? I would appreciate any feedback.