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Re: [Condor-users] HIBERNATE expression has no effect ?

Some more info on this which may be of use ...

I noticed that the startd hadn't picked up the available hibernation states.

When I set 


on start up the startd now sets the supported states to  "S3,S4,S5".
If I set HIBERNATE="S3" the startd does seem to try to hibernate
but stops short of actually doing it. In the StartLog I see:

01/12 14:34:38 ResMgr: This machine is about to enter hibernation
01/12 14:34:38 In ResMgr::disableResources ()
01/12 14:34:40 Failed to locate collector host.

As far as I can tell the startd is trying to send an incomplete/malformed
ClassAd to the central manager (looks like the "Name" and "Machine"
attributes are undefined) and when this fails giving up on actually
hibernating the machine.

Does the help ?



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> Dear All,
> I'm having real problems in getting Condor to put machines in a low power state.
> I'm using Windows XP with Condor 7.4.0 and have tried setting HIBERNATE to
> pretty much all of the suggested strings: Sn, "SHUTDOWN", "HIBERNATE" etc
> but still the PC stays powered up. Has anybody else tried this ? Is there any way
> I get some info out of the log files to see what is going wrong ?
> any help much appreciated,
> cheers,
> -ian.
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