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Re: [Condor-users] dynamic slots - over subscription

enforce their choice :)

Set the cpu affinity of the jobs to match their request (tricky with dynamic partitions since you need to work out a way to dynamically partition the mask (having condor do this for you would be ideal).

On windows I'd write a little wrapper that asked a local service for a mask (and that, on being asked checked for the liveness of all the currently active masks to see which, if any had departed to free up nodes in the mask). User job wrappers to ensure your cpu affinity is always applied on start up.

If any one tries to work around this either a) stamp on them hard, b) move to job objects and clamp their memory usage as well.

You could try to make this fancy (by trying to be NUMA friendly where possible). 

By effectively penalising people that do it wrong you would likely find that people moved towards getting it right. 


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Lets say I have a process which takes up 4 CPus, and I have 10x16 core
servers with 64G of memory.

To get more of my jobs to run I do:
#This should be 4
RequestCpus = 1

How can I prevent users to do this?  This is clearly create extra load
on the servers.
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