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[Condor-users] Need help: GT4 with MPI and Condor-G

Hi All:

We've four machines; the first one configured with Condor-G
(Condor-7.4.1).  This machine talks to the second one, a machine
configured with Globus(4.2.1) GT4.
The Globus machine also has a Condor configured on it, and is the master
of tho Condor slaves.

We need to execute MPI jobs that are sent from the Condor-G machine to the
Globus machine and this one should contact the Condor master (in the same
machine) that must send the job to the Condor slaves for execution.

We read that this is not posible, that jobs can't be sent from Condor
through Globus to finally executed in a Condor pool, and so far we can't
make it work!!

Here are some links that we read:


Ing. Paula Marti­nez
ITU - Redes y Telecomunicaciones