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Re: [Condor-users] [newb] email results

On Friday 22 January 2010, Neal Becker wrote:
> Got my cluster working (just reinstalled).
> I see condor can email me a notification.  What I'd really like is to email
> me the results as an email attachment.  I have python code that can do
> this. Can I hook this into condor, and any hints as to how?

You could probably specify "MAIL" in the condor configuration.  From the 

The full path to a mail sending program that uses -s to specify a subject for 
the message. On all platforms, the default shipped with Condor should work. 
Only if you installed things in a non-standard location on your system would 
you need to change this setting. There is no default value for MAIL, and the 
condor_schedd will not function unless MAIL is defined. 

Hope this helps


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