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[Condor-users] condor_config_val no longer working since upgrade 7.2 --> 7.4


I am administering a cluster that has a proportion of nodes dedicated
to PBS. Originally, condor was configured to start running on these
nodes when the PBS queue is empty, i.e., by having a
PBSRUNNING=FALSE variable set in the condor_config file and using the
PBS prologue/epilogue scripts to alter that variable. When a PBS node
has a new PBS job it sends the condor_vacate command and then:
condor_config_val -rset -startd PBSRUNNING=TRUE

However, that command has not worked since upgrading from 7.2.x to 7.4.2:
[root@node87 mom_priv]# condor_config_val -rset -startd "PBSRUNNING=TRUE"
Attempt to set configuration "PBSRUNNING=TRUE" on startd node87.local
<> failed.

In the condor configuration the variable ENABLE_RUNTIME_CONFIG=TRUE is
set. Can anyone help me find out why this command is no longer
working? When condor is running on these nodes it provides another
~20% of the cluster.

Many thanks,
David McKechan