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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Web interface

> I've been building a rudimentary monitoring system using dokuwiki as the
> "platform".  It does not kill jobs yet, but will allow you to check the
> pool status, current users and running jobs.  The nice thing is that it
> can be a publicly visible wiki, but have private pages (for your jobs, and
> users, etc.).
> We currently only have one public facing page, which lists the pools'
> machines (it's a small pool, so all the machines are on one page), but I'd
> be happy to pass on any of the other code:
> http://optimization.cs.uleth.ca/doku.php?id=resources:condor_pool
> It's mostly php stubs that wrap the condor tools.  The wrappers consume
> the xml produced by the tools and spit out HTML to display in a section of
> the wiki.

What might be "better" would be a web tool that used DRMAA calls
underneath and then would not be Condor-specific

Obviously, DRMAA would need some additional functionality but this
sounds to be exactly the sort of thing that should be driving the
DRMAA efforts.

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