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Re: [Condor-users] Strange Schedd Behaviour

If the condor_schedd is started as root, then when various
users submit jobs it will temporary change user id to the
submitting user, to create the files, etc.  If it stays
stuck as a regular user for any length of time, though,
then something is wrong.. I suggest turning on at least
D_SECURITY of debug level in SCHEDD_DEBUG, and maybe D_FULLDEBUG,
that will log every time that it tries to change user.

Are you sure that your $(SPOOL) directory is writeable by
the various places that it needs to be, ditto the area where
the users standard output, standard error, and Userlog are kept?
I've seen the schedd get hung as a non-privileged user before
where the user logs were on a NFS volume that was having problems.

Steve Timm

On Tue, 6 Jul 2010, Mark Wheeler wrote:


I have recently started using Condor and am having some strange behaviour.  The schedd process is somehow being started as a user that isn't CONDOR.  All the other processes are find .. just this one.

I moved the submission node to another machine and all was well, schedd started as the CONDOR user .. however, we started submitting jobs and again the schedd was restarted under a different user account.  Even when I start the schedd process from the command line it starts as this other user.

Anyone know what determines what user accounts are used to start the daemons and how I might reset it.?

Thanks in advance,


Mark Wheeler
Principal Software Engineer

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