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[Condor-users] Jobs are held in Linux machine when submitted from windows

Title: Jobs are held in Linux machine when submitted from windows


 I am submtting a job from Windows to Linux machine.The user account in both the machine is different. All my jobs are held when submitted. The starterLog from the execution host is as follows:-

   Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable "/var/lib/condor/dir_***/condor_exec.exe" :errno = 13 (Permission denied)

ERROR "Create_Process (/var/lib/condor/execute/dir_***/condor_exec.exe,, …)failed" at line 509 in file os_proc.cpp
ShutdownFast all jobs

In both my windows and linux machine, the UID_DOMAIN, TRUST_UID_DOMAIN=TRUE, and SOFT_UID_DOMAIN=TRUE are same in the config files. Can somebody give me a hint on what went wrong here ?

With thanks and regards

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