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[Condor-users] about setting up dedicated resources in Condor Windows cluster

Hi All,

This maybe a newbie question about how to setting up dedicated
resources in Condor (condor-7.5.2-winnt50-x86) Windows Cluster, please
offer help if you can.

I read the document about " Selecting and Setting Up a
Dedicated Scheduler " in Condor manual, but still can not make
parallel job work after trying several times.

my Condor Windows cluster consist of one central
manager(headnode.condor.org), and two execution machine
(c01.condor.org, c02.condor.org)
I added following configuration string in the condor_config file of
the above three machines
DedicatedScheduler = "DedicatedScheduler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
STARTD_EXPRS = ${STARTD_EXPRS}, DedicatedScheduler

following is the job description file (jdf.sub)
universe = parallel
environment = path=c:\winnt\system32
executable = simpleCounter.exe
output = simpleCounter.out
error = simpleCounter.err
log = simpleCounter.log
machine_count = 1
arguments = 1 100

after submitting the job with "condor_submit  jdf.sub"
there is no error but the job never run (just stay in the idle status)
any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,