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Re: [Condor-users] condor_fetchlog PERMISSION DENIED

> The target machine has the following permissions:
> ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR = mylogin@10.*/10.*
> When I change to:
> ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR = mylogin@10.*/10.*, 10.*

this is likely an authentication issue.  in the first setting, you have one
entry which contains a username and so authentication will be necessary to
establish that you are in fact that user.

in the second entry, you have added "10.*".  this means that only IP-based
authorization is necessary and no authentication is required.

in order for the first to succeed, you'll have to add a config entry like:

however, if you required authentication, you need to think about what methods
you will use and specify those with:

check out the relelvant portion of the condor manual for descriptions of the
different methods:

if you haven't set up authentication at your site, you'll probably be
interested in using the PASSWORD method.  let me know if you have questions
or any problems with this.