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Re: [Condor-users] How to find starter process which got struck and not responding to Startd

I have a couple of questions regarding your questions ;-) 

1.) What version of condor are you running?
2.) What type of vm job are you running?  (vmware, lvm, or xen?) 


On Mon, 2010-07-26 at 19:54 +0530, Johnson koil Raj wrote:
> Hi.
>     In our pool we are facing this issue intermittently. we are
> running VM Jobs. And this always happen when the Starter process
> trying to get the status of a VM.
>     The Starter process will struck or hang without any log update
> futher and no updates will be sent to STARTD, so it keeps last updated
> status. After some time the corresponding job in queue will goes to
> idle state. And trying to match another machine to execute. 
> The VM job is inconsistent state for some time if it was actually
> powered off by the user from inside. The VM job state is running.
>      1. Is there any way to find those kind of STARTER process which
>         is not updating the STARTD.
>      2. I am polling VM status for every 2 minutes, how can I
>         configure STARTD so that it show kill the STARTER process if
>         it not responding will proper data after max 5 minutes.
>      3. How to force the job to match the same machine in that case
>         when job went into idle state and try to match new machine. 
> Thanks,
> Johnson.    
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