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Re: [Condor-users] KeyboardIdle not functioning correctly in Windows 7

Yes, we have noticed this problem. It is related to the new way MS have
separated security priveleges in win7. If you search the condor-wiki there
are a bunch of ticket items related to this. Search for condor_kbdd, this is
a new windows daemon in 7.4.1 that now handles keyboard activity (it used to
be in the startd I think, there was a condor_kbdd_dll.dll in the 7.2 series).

We have started some testing and keyboardidle works fine for 7.2.* and 7.4.*
on XP but does not work even for 7.2.* on win7.

Maybe someone in the Condor Team can comment on the current status and plans?

We have a bunch of other issues with our deployment of condor on win7 machines
(nothing to do with condor itself) but the different way that win7 handles
things like schtasks and different places in the registry for storing items
(particularly with the 64bit version of win7).



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Im running Condor 7.4.1 on Windows 7. KeyboardIdle in the classAds does 
not reset to zero when there is keyboard/mouse activity.

Has anyone else noticed this aswell? Or can someone confirm correct 
operation of KeyboardIdle on Windows 7?

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