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[Condor-users] FetchWorkDelay -- how can I tell if it's working?

I absolutely, positively do not want Condor to run my hook script if a
slot is Claimed and not Idle. I've got:

FetchWorkDelay = ifThenElse(State == "Claimed", ifThenElse(Activity ==
"Idle", 0, 4838400), ifThenElse(State == "Unclaimed" && Activity ==
"Idle", 0, 1200))

I've seeded my machines with long (12 hour) sleeper jobs to test this.
But I'm still seeing the Startd fire my hook script at bizarre
intervals. Nothing periodic at all, it's all over the place: 5
minutes, 12 minutes, 7 minutes, 13 minutes...

How can I tell if Condor is delay the fetch work call appropriately?
I've got ALL_DEBUG=D_FULLDEBUG on but the StartLog doesn't mention the
delay time, just when it runs the fetch work hook for me.

- Ian