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[Condor-users] Log file with ClusterId in the name creates two files

I am using a trick I learned on this mailing list in my condor submit files:

error = ./job/job.error.$$([ClusterId])

so that if users run into errors and resubmit the job, I can still look at the old stderr data to do a post-mortem. It works great! Except...

there are always TWO files written:


The second one has the actual stderr data, the first one is empty. One of the condor daemons is "touching" the first one before the job has an ID. Does anyone know a way to stop this from happening, or knows of a better way to do what I'm trying to do? It happens whether I submit the job with condor_submit, or whether it gets submitted as part of condor_submit_dag.

Greg Langmead
Senior Research Scientist
Language Weaver, Inc.