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[Condor-users] Allocating memory and cpus per job

Hello to all,

I need to run an specific type of job on a windows pool, the machines are 64 bit windows 7 boxes with only 2 GB memory total, which you all know the memory splits equally 511 MB per CPU’s. This particular kind of jobs are memory intensive so it usually shallows up to 2 GB. Is there to only claim 1 CPU per machine and allocate all the memory for that job only? I’d been reading the manual and I don’t seem to be going anywhere, maybe if I  can be pointed me to the right direction or can simply tell me this cannot be done, I really appreciate the advice. I know I can limit the memory at the machine level from the condor_config file but this pool serves a medium size group of users that mass process jobs and require to utilize all the processing muscle of the farm. Any input\help is welcome and I thank you in advance for it.  



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