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Re: [Condor-users] OpenPolicy returned 5

Neil Woodhouse wrote:
Fellow Condor users,

I have a small pool in which I have set up 2 submitting machines each with a different user submitting to the pool. I have set the users credentials on the pool manager. When I do Condor_Status command the first two lines say “OpenPolicy returned 5” before listing the nodes in the pool. I cannot find any reference on the internet. Is this an issue I should be concerned about? I should mention that I am on a PC cluster using version 7.2.5.

Neil Woodhouse

It's probably coming from this code...

   // first open a policy handle
   ntsResult = LsaOpenPolicy(
         NULL,                      // machine name or NULL for local
         &obj_attribs,              // object attributes (?)
         POLICY_CREATE_SECRET,         // policy rights
         &policyHandle              // policy handle ptr

   if (ntsResult != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
wprintf(L"OpenPolicy returned %lu\n", LsaNtStatusToWinError(ntsResult));
      return NULL;

Searching for LsaOpenPolicy looks more promising than OpenPolicy.