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Re: [Condor-users] what user should I install condor under to create a pure submit node


The condor user is the user condor (the system) will run as, if you spawn the daemons as root. Simply speaking, by this way the processes are not running as root, but are still able to act on behalf of another user.

If you start condor as a non-root user, this user is not be able to act on behalf another user. In your example message, it was not able to act as user "foouser".

For more details see section 3.3 of manual, which explains the CONDOR_IDS configuration entry.


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Subject: [Condor-users] what user should I install condor under to create a pure submit node

I read in a section of the manual that for security considerations it
makes most sense to install condor as root. On the other hand the
installation section has a part where it says:

"To simplify installation of Condor, create a Unix user named condor
on all machines in the pool. [snip]."

What's the best strategy? The machine is meant to be a submit node
only but serving a bunch of users. I tried installing as a seperate
"condor" user. I am running the master and schedd daemons but as the
condor user. Unfortunately this leads to errors of the sort:

WARNING: File /home/foouser/test/condor/hello.error is not writable by condor.

Any suggestions?

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