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[Condor-users] submit on public, execution on private network

What is the proper way to have submit machines that don't have direct
access to the execute machine due to a firewall and private network.

I would like to allow our desktop machine to submit jobs to our 
cluster.  The majority of nodes on the cluster are on a private network
with a few head nodes sharing both private and public network.  
Our setup is currently working and I can submit jobs from these head

However, I would like to submit a job from desktop machine (same
architecture, shares the filesystem) to the cluster.   I have seen 
posts and pages about using flocking, cluster-c, condor-brick,
GCB and now in the 7.5 distribution notes something about
PrivateNetworkIpAddr,  but am unsure which  method to use if any at all.

Any pointers or recipes appreciated.