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[Condor-users] 3ds Max anyone ???

Dear All,

I know this is slightly OT but there's been a bit of discussion about distributed rendering here
so I'm posting in hope that someone out there may be able to help ....

We're trying to set up a render farm based on 3ds Max on our Win XP pool.
Trouble is  I'm having problems getting 3ds max to render scenes under Condor. 
Running interactively from the command line is fine but when using Condor it fails with this message: 

"Error initialising backburner path system". 

I'm pretty sure that it's trying to write a temporary file somewhere where Condor doesn't have permission 
to do so but I can't track down where or how to change it. I've seen similar things with MATLAB and 
got around it by setting 

set TEMP=%CD%
set TMP=%CD%

in a .bat wrapper script so that all temporary files get written to the Condor scratch folder. I've
had a search around in the registry and nothing useful seems to be there or in the environment
variables. In the documentation there's talk of a mysterious temporary .xml file but nowhere
can I find where it goes.



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science Team,
The University of Liverpool,
Computing Services Department