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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Learning Curve

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Subject: Re: [Condor-users] Condor Learning Curve

> I've been using Condor for (gasp!) over 5 years now. 

Errrk, Am I that long too? :/

> It was quick to setup and get started with. 

I ended up wrapping the whole thing in c# and automating everything so it wasn't that quick to get going but it means I can alter things around it very quickly. Learning what is/isn't cheap is pretty important on this though, and there are many quirks.
> Administering it was a process that's evolved over time. 

:) my evolution was to get someone else to admin it.

> As farms went from 10s of machines to 100s of machines to 1000s of machines the administration challenges have changed.

> I moved all my configuration management to Cycle Server (http://www.cyclecomputing.com) about two years ago 
> and the whole process has simplified immensely. To the point where I'm able to empower many 
> more admins to modify machine configurations. They don't have to know Condor's ClassAd 
> configuration language, just how to chain well-named blocks together to make complete configuration. 
> Deployment is still being done by writing files to disk (but that is handled by Cycle Server automatically) for now

We basically wrote the same, in house (I say we, Mike did the heavy lifting)
> By far the biggest challenge for me is keeping up with the changes in Condor. 

For us the biggest challenge is performance of the negotiation/schedd/shadow parts. This is something of a constant battle.


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