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[Condor-users] submitting jobs with Condor.pm

I'm trying to send multiple jobs to Condor with the Perl module but am obviously doing something wrong.
I modified the example code from the docs slightly to submit several jobs in a loop but it only submits one job then waits before submitting another one.

Any ideas what I've done wrong?


Russell Smithies

Here's the code:

use warnings;

use lib "/usr/local/condor/lib";
use Condor;

$evicts = 0;
$vacates = 0;

# A subroutine that will be used as the normal execution callback
$normal = sub
    %parameters = @_;
    $cluster = $parameters{'cluster'};
    $job = $parameters{'job'};

    print "Job $cluster.$job exited normally without errors.\n";
    print "Job was vacated $vacates times and evicted $evicts times\n";

$evicted = sub
    %parameters = @_;
    $cluster = $parameters{'cluster'};
    $job = $parameters{'job'};

    print "Job $cluster, $job was evicted.\n";

$execute = sub
    %parameters = @_;
    $cluster = $parameters{'cluster'};
    $job = $parameters{'job'};
    $host = $parameters{'host'};
    $sinful = $parameters{'sinful'};

    print "Job running on $host $sinful, vacating...\n";

sub submit{
	print "submitting $_\n";
	$CMD_FILE = 'GenePrediction_'.$_.'.faa.template';
      $cluster = Condor::Submit($CMD_FILE) or die $!;

# start 4 jobs
foreach (1..4){
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