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[Condor-users] CCB, glidein, and NAT

Hi all,

I'm using a setup involving Condor glideins and CCB. The collector has a 1:1 NAT configuration with an private IP, and a public IP that has all traffic forwarded to it at the router.

I have a collector/schedd submitting jobs to external pools, and the glideins (the startd) are falling to call home to the collector. Somewhere the startds have been giving the collector's private IP, instead of just trying to contact it by hostname, which would work find.

Is this something that is within the design of Condor CCB, and I just need to set the correct variable in the CONDOR_CONFIG to make this work?
I've set on the collector and schedd:
CCB_ADDRESS = collector.hostname.com (as an example)
I can access the external pools directory, and I checked their config files, and CCB_ADDRESS is set correctly.

here's the log from one of the Startds that couldn't call home:
05/06 17:25:46 (pid:15513) CCBListener: registered with CCB server collector.hostname.com as ccbid 05/06 17:35:27 (pid:15514) attempt to connect to <> failed: Connection timed out (connect errno = 110). Will keep trying for 300 total seconds (111 to go). 05/06 17:37:19 (pid:15514) attempt to connect to <> failed: Connection timed out (connect errno = 110). 05/06 17:37:19 (pid:15514) CCBListener: failed to create reversed connection for request id 208 to <>: failed to connect

One of the pools I'm submitting to is on the same network segment, and everything works fine with that pool. So I feel pretty confident in saying that the only problem is just that the startds have all been given an IP that they shouldn't be using, instead of being given a hostname that they can resolve and connect to.

Thanks for any advice.